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Tiny Tutorials

abc smart cookies

Tiny Tutorials make it easier to navigate the ABC Smart Cookies site. From registering your account to creating a recognition order, these videos will capture exactly what you need taking less than 15 minutes of your time. Enjoy these videos if you need a refresher or are new to the cookie program. We got you covered!

Smart Cookies Customer Service: or call 855-444-6682

volunteer tutorials

Volunteer Registration

Learn how to register your volunteer account in Smart Cookies.

Initial Order Entry by Variety (by Troop)

Learn how to enter a Troop Initial Cookie Order by variety, select your delivery station, and submit your order.

Troop Secured Booth Request

Learn how to request a Troop secured booth sale location, date and time for Council approval.

Scheduling a First Come, First Serve Booth

How volunteers can schedule desired booths they need for their Troop Booth events.

Scheduling a Booth in a Lottery

How to book a booth in a lottery.

Booth Share on Social Media

Learn how troops can share their booth links on social media.

Distribute Cookies for Each Booth with Smart Booth Divider (Option 1)

Best practice method - Record all the packages sold at each individual booth sale, and distribute to only the girls that participated in that specific booth sale.

Distribute Cookies at End of Sale with Smart Booth Divider (Option 2)

Learn how to distribute cookies at end of sale with Smart Booth Divider.

Smart Booth Divider - Editing/Deleting a Transaction

Editing or Deleting a Transaction within Smart Booth Divider.

Troop Planned Order

Learn how to place a Troop planned order for pickup from a Cupboard . Refer to your Council's training materials for guidelines and weekly deadlines.

Troop to Girl Transfers

Learn how to create Troop to Girl transfers in Smart Cookies.

Manage Orders

Tutorial on how a Troop can view, edit or delete their orders during the cookie season.

Create and Manage Recognition Orders

Directions for how to create and manage recognition orders in Smart Cookies.