Fall Product - Troop
“Own Your Magic" in the
2023 Fall Product Program

Letter for Families

On Saturday, September 18, 2021, your daughter can begin to participate in Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council’s Fall Product Program. By participating in this program, with your encouragement and support, she will learn and practice five valuable skills that will help her now and in the future. Those 5 skills are goal-setting, decision-making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

Help your Girl Scout be successful at reaching her personal goal and help her work with girls in her troop to reach their goal. It’s a great way to earn funds for the troop. Troops typically earn an average of about $360.

The troop will be selling nuts and candy from Ashdon Farms and magazine subscriptions from M2 Media. Contact the troop’s fall product manager to get an order card and get started. If your Girl Scout can’t begin on Saturday, September 18th, she can continue to join the program at a time convenient for your family before November 15th.

There is another way to participate by using the M2 Ordering System (M2OS). This online system will allow your Girl Scout to ask for nut, candy, and magazine orders from friends and family by sending an email that includes links to both the online magazine catalog and an expanded selection of nut/candy products.

Help her send 15 or more valid emails by November 11, 2021, and get 3 magazine orders and 35 nut or chocolate items before November 14, 2021, to qualify for the personalized patch with her name and avatar. Help her send 15 or more emails and sell 250 packages in the 2022 Cookie Program to qualify for the special Cookie Crossover patch.

On September 18th, go to the M2OS site. Follow the instructions in the  2021 Fall Product Family Guide to get your Girl Scout set up on the system. Selling online is easy and no money is collected by the Girl Scout.

Encourage and support your Girl Scout and troop to reach their goals!