Songs and Games
Songs and Games

Get ready to have some fun!

Songs and games have been a part of Girl Scouting for over a century.  We hope you enjoy this collection!  Be sure to click on the song titles to hear the song being sung - or, in some cases, to watch a video with the hand motions.

Any Requests?  Trying to remember the words to that song you learned at camp a few years ago?  Or that game you played at Adult Weekend?  If you would like us to add any particular songs or games to this page, drop a note on the discussion page!


For years, singing has been an important part of Girl Scouting. When large gatherings of girls come together, singing can be a memorable part of the event.  Ask any girls or volunteers that have participated in a Girl Scout sing-along, and they'll share just how special it is. Singing not only brings joy, satisfaction, and relaxation, but can also enhance the Girl Scout mission of building girls of courage, confidence, and character. Music helps create bridges of understanding as girls develop new skills and build an appreciation of other countries and cultures, and enrich their appreciation of the many types of songs that can be part of their lives.


Why are games used in Girl Scouting? Games help girls and leaders get acquainted easily and enjoy being together. Games also give girls a chance to learn teamwork, develop a sense of fair play, and the opportunity to win or lose good-naturedly. Some games are a way to present new information or skills in a fun way. Games are also a fun way to review or practice skills.  One of the best things about games, though, is that they help girls understand and appreciate both similarities and differences between themselves and their sister Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all over the world.