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Treelake troop kits are available starting this fall at the Welcome Center for troops weekend camping at Camp Agnes Arnold or Misty Meadows Ranch. The full list of kits is available in the "Documents" section!

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Since 1912, girls have explored and strengthened their outdoor skills and commitment to environmental stewardship through Girl Scouting. Guided by supportive adults and peers, Girl Scouts discover the wonders of nature, experience the thrill of adventure, and challenge themselves and one another to reach new heights.

These experiences hone their outdoor and leadership skills, inspire them to take action to protect the environment, and reinforce friendships to last a lifetime!

Whether you’re a camping pro or just starting out, you can help girls of all ages have a positive experience in the great outdoors and develop a passion for nature.  Use the Outdoor Progression chart to help ignite a lifelong love of the outdoors in your girls. This is at the core of Girl Scouting—and every Girl Scout deserves the opportunity to challenge herself as she explores her world.