Community Leadership Team (CLT) Volunteers
CLTs direct and coordinate the work of the Community Service Team to support functions of the Community.

The Bank Registration Form (F-36) has now joined the Annual Troop/Group Financial Report (F-31) as a form that can now be submitted online! Troop leaders and treasurers can provide troop bank account information quickly and conveniently on the council’s Online Community site. The online form will also provide the acknowledgement needed to debit the council’s portion of the Fall and Cookie Program. Links to submit the online form are in several convenient areas of the Online Community including the Fall Product - Troop, the Cookie-Troop and on each program level community site. Troops participating in the Fall Product Program who have not yet submitted a new or updated F-36 may use the new online tool. Look for more information about the ACH process for the Cookie Program, including the dates for debits, in the troop cookie manager training. ACH FORM

The Community Leadership Team (CLT) group is a place for CLTs to find and share information. 

A CLT works in partnership with other members of the leadership team, directs the work of the Community Service Team and coordinates the work of the Girl Scout Community; promotes awareness and growth of Girl Scouting within specific geographic boundaries; embraces the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) and ensures that the GSLE is incorporated in Community ways of work.

Communities have the primary purpose of recruiting and retaining girls and adults in troops.  The Community Service Team, including CLTs, will support the adults working with girls in troops with mentoring, product sales support, communication, networking and meeting strategies.  Girls enjoy events planned and implemented by their Community. 

Although CLTs have many staff members from different GSSJC departments, who help them to support their Communities, they work particularly closely with their Volunteer Experience Manger (VEM) and their Community Engagement Manager (CEM) who provide staff support and advice in assigned functions for membership development and implementation of direct services to girls and adults. 

The role of your staff partners:

Community Engagement Manager (CEM)Volunteer Experience Manager (VEM)
  • Girl and Volunteer recruitment
  • Recruitment planning and troop opportunity development
  • Recruitment event support
  • Troop formation
  • Community Cultivation
  • Venue and partnership development
  • Placement coordination
  • Troops with girls and 0/1 leader (waitlist)
  • Direct staff partnerships with:
      • Recruitment Team Lead and Specialists
      • Registration Specialist(s)
      • Community Organizer Liaison(s)
  • Community and troop volunteer support
  • Community Plan of Action
  • Direct staff partnership with CLTs
  • Girl and adult renewal
  • Troop leader connection to the Community
  • Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) assistance
  • Conflict resolution beyond CLT efforts
  • Product Sales participation
  • Staff support for
      • Mentors
      • Cafe Team
      • Training Liaison(s)
      • CST and Troop Leaders (secondary support - primary support comes from CLT)

As you partner side by side with your CEM and VEM, the goal is to work together seamlessly to support the members in your Community. Always include your staff partners in your Community planning, add them to your communications, share your meeting calendar, and understand that they are there to help support your Community. Together you can do great things!

CLTs are appointed and supported by their volunteer Community Coordinator from the Volunteer Experience Department

Role of Council-Wide Community Coordinator 

  1. Appoints and mentors Community Leadership Team upon recommendation of Community Referral Committee
  2. Approves the “A” list of money earning activities for Communities
  3. Provides Agendas for Regularly Scheduled Community Summits
  4. Advocates on behalf of CLT in the Volunteer Experience Department
  5. Holds affinity meetings, webinars, and retreats for information and sharing
  6. Supports CLTs with issues and problem solving
  7. A resource for all Community functions