This page provides resources for recruitment volunteers.

Dates, times, topics, and the link for CE's monthly chit chats for volunteers on Zoom.

Recruitment Home

Why is recruitment so important?

The purpose of a recruitment event is to attract new members, parents, volunteers, caregivers and girls to get involved with Girl Scouts and ensure they have a positive experience joining.

What is considered a recruitment event?

School open house and meet the teacher night (Girl Scouts participate by having a table set up for parents/caregivers to visit with the school’s permission*)

Individual school, religious institutions, or community center (staff and or volunteers plan, promote and execute a recruitment event at a specific location) 

Cluster (staff and or volunteers combine 3-5 schools, religious institutions, or community center) together and plan, promote and execute a recruitment event in one location) 

Community (staff and or volunteers include all schools within their community to participate in a single event, that is planned, promoted and executed) this event can be used as a follow-up to previous recruitment events in attempt to provide another opportunity to attract new members.

How do I participate?

To have a successful membership year, we need recruiters! Recruiters play a crucial role by stepping up to the plate. We need people who can lead and or assist with recruitment events throughout the Council during the membership year. We want outgoing, energetic, enthusiastic people who are willing to share their Girl Scout story.

If you would like to provide feedback and assist in the development of recruitment strategies, please feel free to email or