Songs and Games
Songs and Games


Bless Our Food
Bless our food We share with friends today Grant us peace and love Along the way (tune: Make New friends")
Cowgirl's Grace
Been out on the trail, all dusty and tired Been ridin' and ropin' all day (yee haw!) Around the chuckwagon, we bow down our heads And sing out the cowgirl's grace Alleluia, Amen, Amen Alleluia, Amen, Amen
Cricket's Grace
Thank you for the trees, The sun, the rain, the skies, Thank you for all these, Our praises to thee rise.
The Lollipop Grace
We give thanks for a hundred things. For the flowers that bloom and the birds that sing. For the sun that shines and the rain that drops. For ice cream, and raisins, and lollipops.