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Songs and Games

Team Building Games

One girl is the lighthouse (at one end of the area), one girl is the ship (at the other end of the area), and the rest are the rocks (spread out in between) in the water. The lighthouse needs to be up higher to see over all the rocks. Rocks must be very still and careful not to trip the ship. The ship is blindfolded. The lighthouse gives directions to the ship to navigate through the rocks. Rotate the girls so all can be the lighthouse, ship and rocks.
With your group, become a machine. Create a machine that already exists (like a can opener), or create one that doesn't exist (like a rotten banana peeler) The sky is the limit - but everyone in the group must have a function in the machine.
Meet a Tree
Pair the girls off by two. Blindfold one partner and lead her to a tree. Help the girl who is blindfolded explore her tree and to feel its uniqueness. Specific suggestions are best. For example, can you put your arms around the tree? Is the tree still living? Are there any animals signs, or notches where branches have been? When the blindfolded partner is finished exploring, lead her back to the starting by an indirect route. You can lead them around imaginary logs, etc. Remove the blindfold and let the girl try to find her tree.
One girl is the mirror and the other is the image. The mirror has to do what the image is doing -- brushing teeth, combing hair, jumping, etc. Remember to use the opposite hand of the image so it will be reflected in the mirror.
Spinning Yarns
Use a ball of yarn to begin your story. The first person begins to tell a tale and tosses the ball of yarn to another "storyteller" while keeping hold of the loose end. The story continues around the group and each time the ball is tossed to a new person, while the previous person holds the yarn. If you like, reverse the process and keep the story going while you roll up the yarn back into a ball.