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GSSJC Camp Songs

Camp Arnold Song
You're a grand old camp, you're a wonderful camp, And you always and always will be! When we're here with you, our dreams come true, Camp Arnold, we're faithful to thee!   (Every Day!) We have watched you grow, we have told you hello, And we never will say goodbye!  (Hello!) Our hearts are true, we're all for you, Camp Arnold will never die!  (Hey!)
Casa Mare Song
Chorus: Sail along together, sail along the bay, Sail along together, to Casa Mare. Been sailing since daylight, through shadows and sunlight, And now in the twilight, we're sailing home. The stars are appearing to guide us in steering Our course to Casa Mare. Casa Mare is waiting to welcome tired Girl Scouts As they come from sailing across the bay. Remember forever our days here together, As shipmates at Casa Mare!
Westering Home to Casa Mare
Chorus: Westering home, and a song in the air! Light in the eye, and it's goodbye to care Laughter, and love, and a welcoming there; Sailing to Casa Mare! There is a place on the Galveston Bay, Where I'll find a wlecome; it's not far away Oh, but it's grand to be wakin' each day, Sailing to Casa Mare! When I'm at camp, with the friends I love best, There by the ocean, relaxed and unstressed, There you will find me, and there I will rest, Camping at Casa Mare! When I get home, I'll remember each day Of friendships and sea breezes fresh off the bay, I'll dream of a sailboat that takes me away, Back to good friends at Casa Mare! Inspired by "Westering Home" by Hugh Roberton, 1920
Misty Meadows Ranch Song
We'll remember trail ride afternoons, and evenings singing songs. We'll remember lunches in the lodge - a time we all belonged. Late-night talks and laughter, smiles shared with our friends, But when our time at camp is over, our memories won't end! Chorus: Misty Meadows, we won't forget the nights under the stars. The friends we've made, though far away, will still be in our hearts. The nights around the campfire's glow, the mornings at the barn, The days and nights we've spent at camp will never be very far, We'll remember days spent in the rain, and days spent in the sun, Swimming lessons at the pool, and free time having fun. But the memories of our days at camp, the friends that we have made, We'll remember past the summer's end, through all our living days!!